More Testimonials

Nalini Mahadevan is a competent and trustworthy lawyer and very efficient in her work. You can count on her for her advice.

Renu Rao

We had prepared a revocable living trust through another law firm in St. Louis prior to connecting with MLO Law firm. The trust was more than five years old and we were looking into modifying the existing trust to fit our needs since our kids are all grown up. We came across MLO Law firm purely by chance and we decided to give the firm a try based on the online reviews. We setup an appointment with the law firm and then we received an electronic questionnaire to capture all of our information related to our assets and needs prior to the meeting. The questionnaire was very lengthy and it covered all aspects of our financial status. When we met with the MLO attorney, Ms. Nalini Mahadevan for the first time, she spent an hour explaining all the options. Then only we realized that our old trust that we had was very basic and did not cover many of our needs. Nalini was very knowledgeable and thorough in explaining all the options for the trust. We were so happy that we went through with this law firm for our family trust. Jamie Stafos, the staff at the law firm, was very helpful with the questionnaire and addressing all questions related to the trust preparation. We feel very satisfied with their service and have a peace of mind that we have the revocable living trust and will prepared with the most updated information.

We highly recommend the MLO Law firm to anyone who needs legal assistance with estate planning and trust preparation.

Kanthasamy & Balasulojini Karunanandaa

We are very pleased with all the services provided by MLO Law firm regarding my mother-in-law’s immigration case. It was a very unique case and we felt very comfortable working with Ms. Nalini Mahadevan and Mr. Mark Moore.

Ms. Nalini and her staff are extremely knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. They put us to ease and kept us informed throughout the process. In the end, the outcome of the immigration case was what we were hoping for.

It is our pleasure to highly recommend Ms. Nalini Mahadevan and the MLO Law firm to represent your best interests.

Sendhil Chinnasamy, Dr. Vani Paleti,
Carolyn Paleti & Suseela Paleti

With critical items like legal (which is similar and includes personal finances), trust and confidence in your advisor is key. Competence is no doubt the baseline.

With years of knowing Nalini Mahadevan in a personal capacity, there was the trust and confidence that got built up, and during this time, the competence was self-evident. Hence, with our fathers passing away, discussions during that time with Nalini made the need for a will, obvious.

The goal when one goes for this, is to get the peace of mind that things will be secure. So, we needed a trusted advisor who is not just going to answer our questions, but also prompt us with questions to be asked which will result in getting to the best options, jointly. That is what Nalini provided us - asking the questions we should be thinking about and then helping us with the answers to meet the goal. And all this was done, in a relaxed, unhurried fashion.

So the will/legal succession/assets coverage all got taken care of, as part of this process. I am quite sure in near future, we will have other discussions with Nalini, as we get to the next phases in life.

As indicated above, my suggestion for folks considering legal help with same peace of mind goal, will be the need to have a legal trusted advisor, who can not only ask the questions, but remind us of all the questions/implications/options to be considered. Nalini Mahadevan would be the person I would strongly recommend to meet this goal!

Pradeep and Kavita Ramakrishnan