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    Want an employee from overseas?

    We can help you.

    Fixed Fee Services.

    • H1B, specialized worker
    • Received an RFE? 
    • H1B for Start-Ups
    • Visa Strategies for Businesses
    • L-1A visas for Managers
    • L-1B visas for Specialists
    • J visas for Physicians
    • Visas for non-profit corporations
    • F Visa Issues
    • Optional Practical Training - STEM

    Start Your Own Business

    Get help with planning.

    Apply for a visa

    • Entrepreneur visa
    • E1/E2 visas for treaty traders and investors
    • EB-5 Visa

    For Families and Seniors

    • Protect Your Kids and Family
    • Protect Your Hard Earned Business
    • Protect Your Assets from Divorce and Creditors
    • Is your spouse is a Non US citizen?
    • Are you a foreign citizen?  Different tax laws apply to you!
    • Asset Protection for Seniors
    • Planning for Medicaid eligibility
    • Plan for your Special Needs Child.

    Call us to protect your family, business and assets.


    314-932-7111 (office)

    314-374-8784 (cell)

    Family Immigration

    Bring your family together!

    • File for a green card for your husband or wife
    • File for your Children
    • File for your Parents
    • File for your Fiancee
    • Get a 10 year green card.
    • Remove of conditions on your green card
    • Got Divorced?  Pending Green card?

    Qualify for US Government Opportunities!

    File for Naturalization

    • Based on a marriage to a US citizen
    • Based on a five year residency in the US
    • US residency issues
    • Stay over 6 months abroad?
    • Criminal issues

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    Email: nsm@mlolaw.us


    • Criminal issues
    • DWI
    • Marriage Fraud
    • Found Trespassing?
    • Received a ticket?
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